After the development site was handed over by the Government in October 2012, Hopewell Holdings has been working on the detail design work of the project.
With reference to views received from different sectors, Hopewell decided to make certain refinements to the approved 2009 scheme.

1. Retain the basic elements of the approved 2009 Scheme
Use unchanged
Total Gross Floor Area unchanged
Number of guest room unchanged

2. Complete a comprehensive and well-designed Barrier-free Pedestrian Network in Wan Chai South
Hopewell will add a green, landscaped, grade-separated barrier free pedestrian connection along Kennedy Road, thereby enhancing the east-west accessibility of Kennedy Road together with a much improved pedestrian environment that will be beneficial to the local community
Hopewell voluntarily proposes additional setback from the HCII development, to widen and upgrade the existing dilapidated Queen’s Road East back lane and transform it into public square
Together with the proposed QRE Tunnel (across Queen’s Road East) and the Johnston’s Tunnel (continued linkage to the Wan Chai MTR Station via Lee Tung Street basement), a comprehensive east-west and north-south, all-weather convenient pedestrian linkage between Wan Chai South and Wan Chai North area will be formed

3. Enhance the design and accessibility of the LCSD Park
Under the 2009 approved scheme, the LCSD park is divided into five levels where most of the valuable park space would be utilized for ramp and pedestrian circulations. Under the 2017 Refinement Scheme, the LCSD Park comprises only two levels and would allow for more sensible use of the public space
The current park design also facilitates more seamless pedestrian connections to the adjoining streets (i.e. Ship Street and Schooner Street) without level changes

4. Other Refinements
Relocate eastbound vehicular egress and re-align the ingress of the westbound vehicular tunnel westward to preserve mature trees
» Under the 2017 Refinement Scheme, the HCI at-grade egress will be relocated to HCII. It will avoid the need for significant Addition and Alteration works at HCI which will last for about 2 years and also prevent the disruption to the local community
» The 2017 Refinement scheme has re-aligned the westbound vehicular tunnel from Kennedy Road to HCII to preserve 10 more trees along Kennedy Road
Takes advantage of the slope nature of HCII site to achieve environmental-friendly building
» Relocation of the Ballroom under the 2017 Refinement Scheme takes advantage of the sloping nature of HCII site, minimizing the need for backfilling. This is a more environmental-friendly construction method and will also result in a shorter construction period
The podium deck is proposed to adopt glass panels and transparent materials for the façade design so that the best visual permeability result can be achieved

The road improvement works proposal to be implemented alongside with Hopewell Centre II has been approved by relevant government departments and was published in the Government Gazette notice in 2009. The construction works has started by phases according to the plan
Hopewell proposes the 2017 Detail Design after completing works such as site survey, ground investigation and tree survey in order to preserve more mature trees and shorten the construction period, while keeping the main features of the gazette plan remain unchanged (without reducing the number of carriageway and pedestrian facilities)
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