Hopewell Centre has been one of the significant landmarks in Hong Kong and regarded as an example of successful urban redevelopment. Since its completion, it has bolstered the development in the vicinity and contributed to Wan Chai’s evolvement into an important commercial district of Hong Kong. Following the success of the Hopewell Centre project, Hopewell Holdings Limited (HHL) initiated the plan of Hopewell Centre II (HCII) and obtained the planning approval from Town Planning Board in 1994.

In response to the concerns of the local community and weighting the need for a balanced economic development and greening of the neighborhood, HHL revised the development scale of HCII in 2008 by reducing the storeys of the building from 93 to about 55, so as to preserve the ridge line in the backdrop.

The HCII project is located in the southern part of Wan Chai, immediately to the west of Hopewell Centre. It comprises a conference hotel with over 1,000 guest rooms, a retail podium and a green park. It is estimated that the project will create about 4,000 job opportunities of different natures, during and after the construction period. These employment opportunities are in construction, hotel, catering and retail, including openings for professionals and management experts.

1979 Hopewell started acquiring private properties in the vicinity of Ship Street for the HCII project.
Jan 1994 Hopewell obtained Town Planning Board’s approval for the hotel development of HCII (the “1994 Approved Plan”).
May 1994 Hopewell obtained Buildings Department’s approval for the general building plan of the 1994 Approved Plan.
Jan 2004 Hopewell completed acquisition of all private properties within the HCII site boundary.
May 2008 The Wan Chai District Council discussed the Road Improvement Work (RIW) of HCII.
Nov 2008 HHL announced the revised scheme in which the development scale of HCII had been significantly reduced (Press Release)
Jan 2009 The Wan Chai District Council agreed to support the gazettal of the RIW of HCII (Chinese Version Only).
April 2009 The RIW was gazetted by the Government.
July 2012 The Government and HHL agreed on the land premium for land exchange.
Oct 2012 The land exchange process for the HCII project was completed and HHL took possession of HCII site.
Late 2012 HCII site formation work started.
Oct 2013 The road works for wandering the roadways at the junctions of Queen’s Road East and Spring Garden Lane completed.
Aug 2015 Gazette notice for the land resumption and temporary occupation was published by the Government (the slope outside and entrance of RJH, slope outside Wah Yan College)
Nov 2015 The land resumption and temporary occupation came into effect (the slope outside and entrance of RJH, slope outside Wah Yan College).

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